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Apprenticeships powered by IHG® Academy

The IHG Academy Apprenticeship programme is designed for people who are committed to pursuing a career in hospitality, but would like to earn while they learn. An apprenticeship offers you the chance to learn on-the-job and earn a salary while you continue your studies.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you'll get hands-on exposure to the business of hospitality. You'll get access to world-class training from top professionals in the field, and you'll have incredible opportunities to put into practice what you're learning in the classroom. Best of all, you'll gain a formal, nationally-recognised qualification which demonstrates your skill and experience, and gives you access to a world of career possibilities at IHG and beyond.

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What you'll need?

Due to work authorization reasons, only Swiss and EU citizen are eligible for an apprenticeship in Switzerland.

Applicants must have completed over 9-10 years of education.

How long does it last?

They last 3 years.

Apprenticeships are offered in departments such as housekeeping, restaurant, kitchen, technology and commercial.

What you'll be doing?
The hotels provide trainings that are in accordance with the various model courses provided by the Vocational Training Office.
What happens next?
Once their apprenticeship is over, apprentices may be given the possibility to be hired as a full-time employee in the property they already worked in or in another establishment of the group.
Work, learn and
qualify with the
IHG Apprenticeship
Check in to Training

You are given operational training within the hotel establishment, but keep having theoretical classes a few days every week at the Vocational School.

Structured learning curriculum to help you in your journey

The opportunity to benefit from IHG's partnership with Harvard ManageMentor® to help build your leadership capabilities.

Check in to Development

A rewarding and inspiring experience which helps you grow

The perfect environment to help you develop both technical and personal skills

Powerful insights into your strengths and how to use them to grow a career that's right for you.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you may be offered a full-time position within the establishment or be considered in another hotel of the group.

Check in to Support

A welcoming, supportive environment with genuine recognition for people who make great contributions

Interaction with senior leaders that invest in you to help you to fulfil your true potential

Check in to Travel

Multi-cultural work-place with daily interactions with colleagues and guests from around the world

Potential for opportunities to work in locations around the world

Possibility to apply and be considered for a position within IHG worldwide.


Step 1

Candidates have access to two platforms grouping all apprenticeship positions available. in order to apply:

  • For the French-speaking part of Switzerland, click here
  • For the German-speaking part of Switzerland, click here

Step 2

From the month of July, the open training centers will be switched over to the platforms.

Step 3

By September, the applicants are invited according to the following criteria.
Graduation, place of residence (the commute should not take more than 45min), structure of documents, etc.

Step 4

Applicants are then invited for 2 trial days after which a conversation between the hotel and the candidates takes place.

Step 5

Applicants must then write a summary of what they liked and disliked and why they want to complete their training within the hotel.

Step 6

Feedback is gathered by all departments that met the applicants.

Step 7

Applicants are advised within 14 days of the hotel's decision regarding their application.

* For the official confirmation of the apprenticeship, the validation of the Occupational Bureau is required.
A permit from the Migration Office is also required for foreigners.